Our Kia Service Schedule Tool Makes Life Easier

Here at Lokey Kia, we understand that your life is busy. We know your vehicle needs to come into the garage but you don't have the time to sit around and wait. We know that it must be done at a time and on a day that is good for you. It is for that reason that we invite you to use our online service scheduler.

This simple tool is going to make life much easier. You simply go online and pick out the day and time that works for you. Once you have everything selected, bring your vehicle in and we will have you taken care of quickly. The online service scheduler is a blessing for everyone who takes advantage of it. There is no more talking to people to make an appointment or being put on hold because we are in the middle of helping someone.

The online service scheduler is a useful tool that will save you time and get your vehicle ready for service with a few clicks on a button. What could be easier? Why not try it today?

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