Checking Your Vehicle's Battery Health

You car's battery has a lot of important jobs. It gives the starter power, activates the ignition, and turns on the electronics. It also keeps your headlights shining bright. Your battery must be performing at full capacity to be effective. A healthy battery needs a sufficient charge and clean connections to transfer electricity.

Vehicle batteries need regular maintenance just like any other part. Corrosion on the cable-ends or terminals requires cleaning. The charge level and life span of the battery should be inspected regularly. Unfortunately, those who ignore battery maintenance usually find themselves with a car that won't start!

A battery maintenance inspection is essential. The technicians at Lowkey Kia will carry out a careful inspection of your battery. They can run diagnostics to check for battery damage. They can check battery fluid levels to ensure there is an appropriate level of electrolytes. Terminal cleanings and cable-end replacements are also available. If your battery is prone to failure, Lowkey Kia can provide a suitable replacement. Vehicle owners in and around Clearwater can contact the service center at Lowkey Kia for professional battery maintenance services.

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