It Might Be Time to Get Your Car Tires Replaced Today

Rather than wait until you get a flat tire or a damaged tire causes your vehicle to get into an accident, you can identify warning signs today to avert any trouble. See if your car tires exhibit any of the following warning signs they need to be changed.

  • Take a closer look at the tread patterns of each car tire. They should be wearing evenly, so you will be able to easily spots signs where tread-wear is causing issues.
  • Look to see if the tire tread is coming free from the tire, this might be an indication the tire is defective and will fail shortly.
  • Pay close attention to cracks in the tire wall. This could be an indication the tire may not be able to function properly much longer, especially at higher speeds.

At Lokey Kia, we have technicians here in our service center that can inspect and replace any tires of concern.

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