Mufflers and Exhaust Systems: Tips for Fixing Your System

An exhaust leak could signify a problem with your engine or muffler. Depending on your car and what kind of exhaust system, you could have another issue that is keeping your car from fuel efficiency. Strange smells, loud noises, and vibrations should be warning signs that something isn't working right in your exhaust.

If you live in a northern area, salt can deteriorate muffles from iced, snowy roads. In other cases, it is simply that the car is old or that you have hit a bump too hard and knocked muffler off. In some cases, you may have made some modifications to your muffler that caused permanent damage.

From bad fuel efficiency to carbon monoxide leaks, you could have a serious problem that could damage your engine or your health. To fix your muffler and exhaust system, you should go to the exhaust service department at Lowkey Kia located in Clearwater, FL.

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