How to Build a Small Roadside Emergency Kit

Follow this simple guide to building a roadside emergency kit to keep you from being stranded when your vehicle is disabled.

  • Bring a set of high-quality jumper cables to give another driver the chance to quickly get your car up and running again.
  • Road flares are especially helpful in alerting other drivers your car is stuck just off the side of the road.
  • Always keep flashlights in your car and new batteries. You never know if you'll break down at night and need to make repairs or possibly flag down other drivers.
  • Fix-a-flat is always a good idea to keep in the emergency kit because it can get a flat tire off the rim just long enough so you can move the car to a service station.

Hopefully, this simple guide to building your own emergency roadside kit brought to you by Lowkey Kia keeps you out of trouble on the highway.

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