It Pays to Pay Attention to Your Vehicle's Ignition

The ignition system in your vehicle is important because the vehicle will not start without it. The ignition provides power to the starter, which then starts the engine. Once this process is begun, the other components of the car will start in turn.

If your ignition is having problems, some signs can be a grinding noise similar to the sounds made when trying to crank an already running engine. This can be caused by a worn-out starter drive gear. If this noise is ignored, the engine flywheel can become damaged. If you see smoke, this may indicate that the starter is receiving too much power because the starter has shorted or has a connection problem. If you see smoke, you should take the vehicle in for servicing as quickly as possible.

A bad ignition can cause serious problems and it is a good idea to have your vehicle checked for possible issues with the ignition. Here at Lokey Kia in Clearwater, FL, we can service your vehicle and let you know of any issues we may find. Schedule your appointment today.

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