Paying Attention to Those Dashboard Warning Lights

There's very good reason why you have dashboard warning signals inside your car, SUV or truck. If you didn't have them, you would never know about potential problems brewing under the hood. Your warning signals are meant to warn you well before the problem has the chance to grow into a huge repair with a huge repair bill.

If you get an indicator light that you can't diagnose or correct on your own, you are more than welcome to bring your vehicle to our service center here at Lokey Kia, so that we can take care of the issue for you. A lot of times when the issue has something to do with the engine, transmission, or battery, we will have to run a comprehensive diagnostic test on your vehicle to find the root of the problem in question.

Other times, an indicator light may simply be telling you about something that is not urgent and very minor. And these typically are easy fixes that you can handle yourself for the most part.

Schedule your service appointment with Lokey Kia today if you need help with a pesky light on the dash!

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