How To Know When To Change Vehicular Fluids

Our vehicles have several types of fluid that maintain their regular operation. Without them, there could be problems in any number of area in your vehicle, including the transmission. Here are some common fluids that you should look out for:

Motor oil is changed every 5,000 miles, if not more frequently. Check it often. Also, keep in mind your vehicle uses different types of oil, depending on the changing of seasons and model, so check your owner's manual.

Power steering fluid allows us to easily, reliably turn our two front wheels. You should change it every few years, although you need to check and top it off every month.

Brake fluid helps us stop when we want to. You can find it in the master cylinder reservoir, so change it every couple of years to keep brake operations at high levels.

Ask our team at Lokey Kia for help with changing your fluids; we love to help you stay safe on the road, and facilitate your vehicle's longevity.

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