Cars Need High-Quality Headlamps – So Where Are They?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a whopping 67% of SUVs tested for headlight quality were rated the lowest possible ranking – "poor," referring to their performance on roadways. Believe it or not, an estimated 2,500 people pass away every year during the nighttime when crossing roadways. Michael Flanagan, a headlights expert at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute says a large portion of these 2,500 – as a matter of fact, the majority of them – were caused by drivers not having sufficient headlights to see far enough ahead of them.

Vehicle manufacturers from around the world fail to include headlights bright enough for drivers to see what’s in front of them – which seems important, driving machines weighing thousands of pounds, and all. None of them have provided fixes for their dim headlights, or reimbursements to consumers who have replaced their bulbs and other lighting equipment on their own. Rather than deal with the pain of bad headlights, get yours fixed at a qualified dealership like Lokey Kia, where we care about you and your safety.

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