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Explore the Kia Niro with NiroBot

One look at the 2017 Kia Niro will let you know that Kia's first-ever hybrid crossover has a lot of personality, but did you know that you can actually carry on a conversation with it?

NiroBot, Kia's Facebook Messenger chatbot, allows you to chat in real-time with the automated consciousness of the Kia Niro. We promise that's not as unnerving as it sounds. NiroBot is programmed to answer any questions you might have about the Kia Niro. All you have to do is think of what you want to ask.

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Don't Skimp on the Wax!

Keeping you car clean may seem like something that you can skip, but it will cost you over time. It's best to take the extra time and spend a few bucks every two weeks to make sure that dirt doesn't have the chance to ruin your paint job.
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All-New 2017 Kia Niro Makes Great First Impression with Team

Smart, sophisticated style. One fantastically fuel-efficient engine. And a list of onboard amenities so long, it's sure to make your head spin. These are but a few (of the many) winning qualities that comprise the 2017 Niro, Kia's all-new compact hybrid crossover.

What else do we like about it?

Get the need-to-know info from Kelley Blue Book Senior Associate Video Editor Zach Vlasuk; his critique of the Niro is as follows:

As you might've guessed, we feel much of the Niro's appeal is predicated on its powertrain.

Coupling a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with an…

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Considerations with a Broken Windshield

If you have a cracked windshield in your car there are some basic things that you should consider when getting it replaced or repaired. Here are some of the thoughts that you should look into before getting it repaired:

1) Will my Insurance Cover it? - All car insurance policies are not the same. There is a great variation between different policies, and some will cover it while others won't. Read into the policy and don't be afraid to contact your car insurance provider to get an answer...

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Extend the Life of Your Tires

Keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road by making sure your tires are up to par. They need to not only get properly inflated, but they also need to be in good shape. You should visually check them to make sure that the tread is wearing evenly, and that there are no bald spots. If you're not absolutely sure how much air to put into them, then you can check the decal inside the driver's side doorjamb, and if it doesn't get posted there, then look inside the glove box. You can normally find it…

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Is It Better to Lease or Buy My Next Kia?

There are two payment methods for those who are looking to obtain the services of a new vehicle. Buying or leasing provides unique options for a customer.

Buying a car through an auto loan means that a person will eventually own the car at the end of the payment cycle. There is usually a down payment required with the loan. Monthly dues become cheaper with a larger down payment. The value of the car is then in the hands of the customer. They can use it towards a trade in or a sale...

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The 2018 Kia Stinger: A Sports Sedan to Change Sports Sedans

A sports sedan is a thrilling combination of the functionality of the sedan, but with the fun of a classic sports car. This makes these models incredibly sought after and fun for consumers to buy. Kia is taking this to a whole new level with their all new 2018 Kia Stinger.

The 2018 Kia Stinger is the result of two different concept vehicles and the hard work of Kia's design team to make an attractive, aggressive, yet functional sports sedan that is rivaled by no one. The car features a rounded, yet sharp shape that is both European and…

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Why Buy a Minivan?

A minivan used to be the most obvious choice for a family looking for a new car because of its incredible space, storage, and comfort. But as time went on the minivan fell out of favor to SUVs and crossover SUVs and their more graceful styling. But now, Kia is aiming to bring the minivan back to the masses with the 2017 Kia Sedona.

The 2017 Kia Sedona is a powerful, stout, and modern looking minivan. It does not look like anything like the minivans that we came to know and love during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The…

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